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Earn $25 A Day or More and You Keep All the Money from 6 Order-Pulling 8x11 All-Profit Circulars paying you $25 each. For a limited time only you can order all 6 All-Profit Flyers for just $25 plus 20 f/c stamps.

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You Become $25 Richer from each sale

and I fill your orders for you for the 20 f/c stamps. (1 book of stamps)  

C/R Flyers so You can Start Making Money the same day:
As the Prime Source... I typeset your customer's name and address on all 6 C/R flyers then laser print them and ship them flat to your customer. All 6 flyers come Camera Ready for making copies and start mailing or placing in their favorite Advertising Media the same day they arrive.

One-Time Limited BONUS:
When you order from THIS FLYER, I will have your flyer Printed & Mailed to 1,000. You will also receive a 50% Dealership for Printing & Mailing to 1,000 earning a $10.00 commission.


Plus entered in a 5x3 MLM Printing & Mailing Program that pays you 5 Lazy man's ways.

THIS BONUS is only good with THIS FLYER ONLY!

My cost to fill your orders as described above is...
20 Unused F/C Stamps.
If you do not include a book of stamps or 20 unused f/c stamps, your order will not be filled.

I am knocking $15.00 off on the already low price - to just $10.00!

Here's How To Order:
Return a copy of the Special Offer flyer, (click on flyer above then print the pdf flyer with the $15.00 Off Coupon that comes up). Include your $10.00 CASH and 20 f/c stamps (1 book of stamps) and RUSH everything To:

Larry L. Mann
P.O. Box 130 (inc54-sp)
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

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