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To print this flyer, click on the Flyer above for a printable pdf file.

After you print out the flyer, return here to get
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This is for the $25.00 All-Profit Dealership ONLY!
The Mini-Sites are sold separately below.

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I have created several Automated Mailorder Mini-Sites from Mailorder Programs that I believe will Fill Your Pockets with Cash Money over the coming years with very little work involved.

You've heard it before, I know, but these Automated Mailorder Mini-Sites do the work for you. They will remain somewhere in Cyber space for Life! All you do is send people to your web address by running small ads.

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All orders will come to your Front Door or Mail Box, because it is all done thru the U.S. Mail.

You must Purchase the Mailorder program to use the Automated Mini-Site. You will be ordering it from the Prime Source who will create your page when he receives your dealership order from the Authorized Dealer.

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Everything is done thru
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All orders and Cash Money comes to your Front Door or Mail Box!
There is Nothing for you to do except advertise where your Mini-Site can be viewed by giving out the web address (Url). All you have to do is send people to your Automated Mini-Site by advertising the Url in Mail order Publications and Tabloids or mailing postcards with your web address on them.

Hint: You could go to tinyurl.com and paste the url of your new Mini-Site in their form to get a much shorter url to put in small ads or classified ads. Your potential customers will go to the original url no matter which url they use.
Classified ads are a perfect inexpensive way to advertise the Urls.

If you would like your very own Automated Mailorder Mini-Site just like this one with your name printed on it as the authorized dealer, Click on the image below and order from the authorized dealer above.


Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee as to how much money you WILL receive.
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