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Money Maker
For 2018!

We are Selling a 1,000 Printing and Mailing of any Flyer you want printed and mailed. It has a very competitive price where you can
Earn an Easy
per Sale. . .

This Dealership Pays YOU a $10.00 commission on every sale you get.

The Print & Mail Customers you get are entered automatically in your 5x3 Matrix.
You can't find an easier way to fill your downline and it's profitable also! Everyone Only needs 5 Print & Mail Sales! All sales over 5 is creating Spillover under those 5 new dealers!


Everyone only needs 5 Sales/Dealers/Recruits in their first level, so anyone over 5 would go in the first level of your Members/Dealers/Recruits - that is called spillover and we coud produce a lot of spillover with this Automated Mailorder Mini-Site! When their first level is full, spillover would go into their first level dealers's first level which is your 2nd level.
Spillover is good because it helps the people who are slow at selling orders or just having trouble making sales.

A 5x3 MLM Matrix is: 5 people in your first level. 25 people in your second level and 125 people in your 3rd and last level. That is a total of 155 people in all. That sounds like a lot of people but remember, everyone only needs 5 people (or Print & Mail orders).

When you get 155 people in your 5x3 MLM Matrix you are paid $500.00 for your hard work and timely effort.

BUT That's Not The Last of it!

When one of the people you sell a Print & Mail Order to fills his downline Matrix of 155 people, the company pays YOU a $500.00 Bonus! So, the more people you sell a Print & Mail Order to - the better your chances are of receiving several more $500.00 Bonus checks from the company.

Keep in Mind -
You are not only Selling a 1,000 Printing and Mailing, (A much needed and used Service), but also Selling a Printing and Mailing Dealership that they can Sell also as a dealer earning a 50% commission or $10.00 on every sale they make. PLUS when you make a sale, they are entered in your MLM Matrix.

Now, if you only sell 5 Print & Mail Orders you would earn $50.00 from those 5 Sales Plus you would have your 5 people for your first level.

What Just Happened?
You just received $50.00 for getting your 5 first level dealers.
Pretty Simple Huh???
You actually got paid $50.00 for doing it!
Now that is making money the Easy and Profitable way!

But, WHY stop there?
If you sold another 25 P&M Orders, you would earn another $250.00, and would have filled your 2nd level, so if you really think about it, you could earn more Selling the Printing & Mailing Orders with a 50% commission than the $500.00 you earn when your matrix is full.
And Anyone can do it!

Sell just 50 Print & Mail Orders and you would earn an extra $500.00 just from your $10.00 commissions you get from selling the Print & Mail Orders with your 50% Dealerships.

Now you only need 155 people to fill your downline, so if you sponsored all of them yourself, that would be 50 sales x 3 or 150 people which is $1,500 just from the $10.00 commission sales. That is over 3 times what the company pays you to fill your downline. PLUS - you would still need 5 more people to make up the 155 people. That's another $50.00 you can earn!

Now What Happens?
You are re-entered in your own downline somewhere to start all over again.
Pretty Simple Huh???
You can do what I do!
I start filling up the downlines of the people I personally sponsored, so I can earn another $500.00 CHECK for each one that fills their downline! When they get a Check for $500, I get one Too!

IF you were watching, when you filled your 3 levels, you would know that your 1st level dealers have their first and second levels full. They only need their 3rd level filled. That is a total of 125 people in the 3rd level, but they should have sold several P&M orders by now, so they won't need that many more people.

By helping them fill their 3rd levels you are creating spillover for them and when it happens, Guess what?
You receive another $500.00 Bonus Check for helping them fill their downline (cycle).
That is another $500.00 Bonus Check for each of your 1st level dealers you help cycle - PLUS - Another $10.00 for each person you sold a Print & Mail order to in the process of helping them.

A $500.00 Bonus Check for each of the 5-1st level dealers would be another $2,500.00 - PLUS - all the $10.00 commissions you would receive from the sales of all those people you sold an order to. Now we are talking about thousands of dollars, not hundreds of dollars any more.

Here Is How It Works!

You recruit 5 people for your first level. I do not like to think of it that way! I look at it as I am Selling a 1,000 print & Mail order that includes a 50% Dealership with their order, so I am selling Print & Mail Orders and getting P&M Dealers. These Print & Mail Dealers are automatically entered in the MLM Print & Mail Program when they purchase a P&M order from you.

You have just filled your first level with 5 P&M Dealers and earned $50.00 in commissions.
These 5 Dealers will each sell 5 Print & Mail orders to fill their 1st levels. That fills your 2nd level with 25 dealers.
These 25 2nd level Dealers will sell 5 Print and Mail orders to fill their 1st level. This will then fill your 3rd level and you receive a $500.00 check from the Print & Mail Company because your matrix is filled and you now cycle.

You are re-entered in the 5x3 MLM Program - You have earned a total of $550.00 for getting 5 orders.

How do you fill the Print and Mail Orders?

You would keep $10.00 from the $20.00 P&M orders and $10.00 from the $30.00 P&M orders and send their flyer with the other $10.00 or $20.00 for 2-sided flyers to the prime source who will be revealed when you order. You would mail the order in on the company's order form so you will get credit for recruiting that P&M dealer.
You would also send your customer a sales receipt and a Print & Mail Dealership Flyer that they can print their name in that gives them a $10.00 Commission on each sale.

Any order sent to me with the commission removed and only $10.00 included will be placed in my downline somewhere. Also, if you don't want to work the MLM part of this opportunity, just send the order to me and I will fill the order for you for $10.00 per side. You can still take out your $10.00 commission.

Now, Let's add it all up!
Let's just say you had to sell all the Print & Mail Orders to fill your downline.
When your downline was filled and you cycled, you would receive a check for $500.00.

However you sold 155 Print & Mail orders at $10.00 commission per sale, so you would have received $1,550.00 just from the commissions of the sales.
Now you add the $500.00 Check the company mailed you and you have earned a total of $2,050.00. But you need to deduct your $20.00 it cost to join the program and your earnings are $2,030.00.

Then, if you help one of your 1st level dealers get his/her 3rd level filled that would give you another $500.00 company check when they cycle. So that now totals up to $2,530.00 from your $20.00 investment. But wait, we havn't added the $1,250.00 you earned in commissions for selling the 125 print & mail orders. So now the total comes up to $2530.00 + $1,250.00 = $3,780.00.
As you fill the 3rd levels of your 1st level dealers you could add another $500 check from the company and another $1,250.00 each time a dealer that you sponsored or sold a print & mail order to cycles.

How many other Mailorder Programs do you know of that pays like that?

If you sold print & mail orders to your second level dealers, you could earn the same amount with each of them as they cycled.
We are talking as if you sold all the print & mail orders in all 3 levels, plus the 3rd levels of your 1st level dealers, so you could keep on earning this money for everyone of the dealers you sold to.

This more than likely won't ever happen because your downline will want to sell the orders too so they can get rich. This can only be done with the people that YOU PERSONALLY Sponsor.

Why Wait?
Get your Print & Mail Order Form now, so you can start selling a 1,000 Printing and Mailing for $20.00 and keep $10.00 on every sale you make.

Everything is Done Thru the US Mail, so
All Cash Orders come to Your Front Door or Mailbox!

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Money Maker
For 2018!

Go get that order form and sign up with a flyer you need Printed and Mailed to 1,000. It will only cost you $20.00 and Look at all the great bonuses added on for a one-time $20.00 Print & Mail Order.

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