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When You Join THE TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Opportunity, you will receive:

1.) Your very own TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Flyer that pays you CASH.
2.) Your Name printed in the #1 spot on your very own Flyer.
3.) 60 Fresh Names to get you started. (The Product You are Buying and Selling)

A Fast - Money Making TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Program!!
* This is a legal MLM Program not a Ponzi Scheme
* No monthly payments to a monitor or sponsor
* Inexpensive, just a one time payment of up to $22.00 and 1 f/c stamp
* Everything done by Mail using the Internet
* No products to Drop-ship, no monthly fee
* Simple & easy, no product to stock & send out
* Join Again for each 3 people you bring in
* Receive CASH Only in all of the Envelopes you receive
* Your Family gets all the CASH if you become disabled
* Offer good in the USA only

All Cash Comes to Your Front Door or Your Mailbox!

Here is How it Works:

Print out the TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Flyer on this Mini-Site and follow the Instructions which are:
  1. Wrap $2.00 Cash in a copy of the Flyer and send one to each person named on the Flyer.
  2. Wrap $2.00 Cash in a copy of the Flyer with 1 f/c stamp and send to the Monitor.
  3. Mail all the letters with the $2.00 Cash in them and wait for your camera/ready copy to be returned to your mailbox.

To Print out the TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Flyer -

Follow Instructions on the "TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION" Flyer.

If everyone only recruits 2 people thru all 10 levels, that is
HOWEVER . . . just one more person (3 recruits) that is a whopping
$177,000.00 plus!
Most people will get more than 3 because of the low cost it takes to join.

Your Family receives the Cash if you are Disabled or pass on!

If you are not able to print out the flyer send a note to the dealer named below with your Name and Address on it and ask for a copy of the "TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION" Flyer.

Larry L. Mann
P.O. Box 140
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

The dealer will remove the $2.00 cash from your envelope when he receives it and save the name and address before throwing the envelope away. This name is a Hot Buyer name that you can mail other offers to or sell as current Hot Buyer Names

or he/she will send you a copy of their TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Flyer you can Join from if you can't print this one.

You will receive your 60 Fresh Names and a camera ready copy of the TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Flyer with your name and address in the #1 spot ready to mail from the Monitor.

Be sure to keep your copy in a safe place for use later. You should make several PROFESSIONAL copies of your flyer and keep in a safe place for mailing and making more copies from.

After you get some copies made at a Professional Copy Shop or Office Supply Store, send one copy along with $20.00 Cash to Host your Webpage for a lifetime, to the address below to get your very own "Free" TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION Mini-Site. I will need a copy of your flyer to put on your Mini-Site so people can sign-up using your Flyer. I must also charge you a one-time $10.00 fee to Scan your flyer and Put it on your free webpage so all money comes to YOU.

Larry L. Mann
TD Explosion
P.O. Box 130
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Get your very own (FREE)
Automated Mailorder
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Since most Mail Order Dealers don't have any website html coding experience, I will set-up your Automated Mini-Site just like this one for you with your name and address on it as the authorized Dealer and host it on one of my websites for a Lifetime. The cost to host your Mini-Site is $20.00 for a Lifetime and $10.00 to Scan and Post your Flyer on Your Free Webpage.

You don't have to know anything about the Internet to Make Big Money Online.

I want to Make You MONEY, so You can Make Me MONEY!
However, by putting your Mini-Site on my website, you could reach thousands or tens of thousands of people to Join under you in THE TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION dealership from Your Webpage during the coming years. Your Webpage stays Online 24/7 for Life.

I will duplicate this webpage and post YOUR Name and Flyer for this program where mine is, so all recruits would go to you. Your Name and address on your flyer is all anyone needs to join you. Anyone who comes to your webpage could print-out the flyer and mail it in with their payment. Your webpage stays Online 24/7 for Life, bringing you CASH for THE TWO DOLLAR EXPLOSION.

There is Nothing for you to do except advertise where your webpage can be viewed by giving out the web address (Url). All you have to do is send people to your Automated Mini-Site by advertising the Url in Mail order Publications and Tabloids or mailing postcards with your web address on them or use inexpensive Classified Ads.

If you would like your very own (FREE) Automated Mini-Site just like this one

with your name and address on it, as the authorized dealer - Send a copy of your Flyer with $30.00 Cash to Post your flyer on your free webpage and to Host your website for Life To:

Larry L. Mann
TD Explosion
P.O. Box 130
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee as to how much money you WILL receive.
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